Biometric Card readers handed over to Uganda Communications Commission

Machines that make it possible to read details technologically encrypted on Uganda’s National IDs have been handed over to Uganda Communications Commission by NIRA Executive Director, Ms Judy Obitre-Gama, a move expected to ease and hasten simcard validation by telecoms

NIRA as a body with the mandate among others to register Ugandans and legally resident foreigners and issue them with National IDs and alien IDs respectively offered the machines to resolve the simcard validation impasse.  Uganda Communications Commission directed telecoms to validate simcards using NINs or National IDs but had since stalled citing the inability of real time verification.  It then followed that most Ugandans who needed to replace or purchase simcards have been unable to do so but NIRA has made possible by in the meantime offering card reading machines to telecoms through UCC.

UCC is the telecom’s regulator and will within it’s discretion choose how to distribute the fifty card readers amongst the telecoms.

NIRA having understood the apparent burden telecom users are undergoing offered the biometric card readers to ease the process. The Machines will facilitate real time verification of the National Identity cards and telecoms are expected to commence the usage.  Henceforth holders of National ID cards will have them read by the machine and a thumb print taken for further verification. Quickening the process because, there will be no need for confirmation of information letters for those who will display their National IDs at telecom service centers.

However, Telecoms are expected within thirty days to have installed their own machines throughout respective country wide service centers.  

It’s important to note that the real time connectivity between UCC, telecoms and NIRA using the developed API to validate simcards using National IDs has been tested and concluded.