The program to roll out registration of births and deaths in most of the districts has flagged off. The outreaches that are intended for the communities considered remote and underserved cover at least sixty three districts country wide as classified by World Bank. The Authority is implementing this program in phases, rolling out four districts at a time in tandem.

The Program is being supported by the International Development Association (IDA) to expand the service such areas that were yet to be covered.

Registration of births plays a vital role, among others in the promotion of person’s right of Identity, Nationality and Parentage. It’s the most visible Legal evidence or recognition of the existence of an individual. And to a country, it provides a major source of vital statistics for national planning and precise resource allocation. Continuous Birth and Death Registration reduces the need for the National Demographic and Housing Census which has huge expenses. Timely Registration of births provides accurate information on infant mortality rate and under 5 mortality rates.  It also helps in monitoring the disease and mortality patterns and causes of death and in enforcing laws relating to minimum age for employment.

In preparation for the programme the Authority conducted refresher trainings for; District Registration Officers and Senior Registration Officers on Birth, Death and Adoption Order procedures as well as various legal frameworks surrounding the registrations. The Human Resource Office has since continued to offer similar trainings.