The armed forces gave us a firm foundation-in Peace. That’s why we enroll, from Kaboong to Kisoro.

Writes Gen Aronda

Fellow Countrymen, it is an exciting time today as we celebrate Tarehe Sita Day in unison with the armed forces’ fraternity. From Ministry of Internal Affairs and the National Identity Card in particular, we owe immense gratitude to the UPDF for keeping the borders safe for the registration exercise to go on smoothly.

Resilience, commitment and unmatched dedication from the leadership and field staff, kept the project at soaring levels. Participating agencies-like the UPDF whose achievements we celebrate today and other agencies have shown total commitment, sharing a great sense of urgency at all levels and we cannot thank them enough.

Different stakeholders like Parliament, Uganda Bankers Association, Political parties, Church leaders, Cultural Institutions, Business Community, NGOs and Civil Society Organizations, the Press and Media Fraternity all embraced the exercise that will go a long way in contributing to the Country’s long term development.

The National Identity Card started with support from the highest level of leadership, right from April 13, 2014 when Mass Enrolment was launched by H.E the President to January 11, 2015 when Continuous registration ended.  By the time Continuous Registration started in August, 14,800,000 had been registered and months later at close of registration, over 15,970,000 people were registered. Thousands of people across the country gave their all; enrolment officers, Parish supervisors, technical teams, Local Council Chairpersons, District officials, religious leaders, Members of Parliament and many others were all instrumental in seeing the project progress.    The project had benchmarked with several other countries that have prospered because of having addressed the gap of Citizen Identification. These countries now deliver unique modern services to their people. Uganda ought to critically study the uniqueness of the Arab Emirates where 10% of the population covers the security question of 90% of the population. This is largely attributable to having successfully addressed the question of identification using e-technology. We should carefully study these and many more trends as one way of taking best practices. Incidentally though, after the successes delivered with the fist card issued on December 4th 2014, Uganda is now a model!

We appreciate the efforts of all our stakeholders, and call upon citizens to embrace card collection when card issuance starts in their respective areas. Card collection started in Kampala and has already spread to Wakiso and soon, to other areas around the country. Card processing and collection will go on for the next months.

The Ministry has also embarked on the Naturalisation exercise currently on going at the sub county level. All eligible persons for this-citizenship by Naturalization are urged to apply and fill out the mandatory forms. The process is guided by Article 12 of the Constitution of the Republic of Uganda and Section 16 of the Uganda Citizenship and Immigration Control Act, CAP 66.

We are confident that when the Registration of Persons Bill 2014 is passed, its implementation will go along a long way in enhancing further the pro-development agenda that our country embarked on long before. It will-especially, harmonize all registrations thus saving government resources.

We recommend feedback that will improve the project as it transits to the highly anticipated National Identification Authority.

My Country, My Identity

Aronda Nyakairima (cgsc, MP) (RIP)

Minister for Internal Affairs

National Coordinator, National ID Project