Gen. Aronda Nyakairima (RIP)

Gen Aronda's words at the start of the ID exercise Forward by the National Coordinator

Fellow countrymen, Government’s move to implement this phase of the National Security Information System (NSIS), which is designed to register all citizens and issue them with National Identity Cards is no doubt a big land mark in the realization of Vision 2040 which drives Uganda’s development. No doubt, delivering on this project is an important mission history has entrusted on us. In this phase, the project is being implemented under a multi-sectoral approach, Continue Reading

General Aronda addresses House of Bishops

The National Coordinator of the National Identity Card Project has re-echoed the importance of the National Identity Card as an invaluable tool that will ease the development and planning of the country. Gen Aronda was this afternoon addressing the House of Bishops’ meeting on the progress of the project so far.  The House of Bishops brings together Bishops of the Anglican Faith, currently under the leadership of His Grace Arch-Bishop Stanley Ntagali.appealed to the Clergy to fully support the upcoming Mass Enrolment Exercise that is non discriminative. Continue Reading

The armed forces gave us a firm foundation-in Peace. That’s why we enroll, from Kaboong to Kisoro. Writes Gen Aronda

Fellow Countrymen, it is an exciting time today as we celebrate Tarehe Sita Day in unison with the armed forces’ fraternity. From Ministry of Internal Affairs and the National Identity Card in particular, we owe immense gratitude to the UPDF for keeping the borders safe for the registration exercise to go on smoothly. Resilience, commitment and unmatched dedication from the leadership and field staff, kept the project at soaring levels. Participating agencies-like the UPDF whose achievements we celebrate today and other agencies have shown total commitment, sharing a great sense of urgency at all levels and we cannot thank them enough. Continue Reading

‘Having a National Identity Card gives pride and is a claim to Citizenship’ writes Gen Aronda

After years of planning, Government of Uganda is now successfully implementing the National Identity Card Project. As we embark on the road ahead, we will remind ourselves time and again the importance of having a national Identity Card.

  1. NATIONAL DEVELOPMENT: This National Card will facilitate the delivery of National Development and planning, provide easy and access to social facilities and services based on reliable and verifiable data as well as facilitating more transparent and trustworthy business transactions between individuals and Institutions. Continue Reading